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Trust me: I am not a Programmer, I am an Artist, However I love to solve problems using code.
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Muzammal Arif

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App Developer | Web Developer | Freelancer

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I am a digital marketer and web developer. It has been 8 years since I am working in this field. It was like my dream came true. Today, I am a successful PHP expert developer. I am true inspiration for those who want to transform their passion into a profession. I have worked with more than 50 different companies, and am well experienced. I am a very creative and fast learner, understand your needs and work accordingly on projects. Now I own two business ventures.
Muzammal Arif Founder BasePlan.pk
Muzammal Arif
Muzammal Arif

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Roznamcha App
Roznamcha App is a easy Stock and accounts app. Along with stock, you can use it for accounts management and as billing software. This inventory management app helps you to manage and it's perfect for business growth. Create and send professional invoices & bills, track stock and purchase/sale orders, send reminders to recover payments timely, keep a record of all expenses in business, get reports of inventory status and generate all types of reports. The powerful set of tools gives you insights into how your business is doing at this point in time.
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Media Design Expert
Media Design Expert is a full service digital marketing company with idea based solutions to fuel up your brand. Media Design Expert provides services including eCommerce, Digital Marketing, App Development, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Influencer Marketing.
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Learn 2 Earn
The world is full of talent. Most people wait for an opportunity, to achieve their goals. If they don't find an opportunity, they give up. But for me, giving up is not an option. I am one of those people who does not like to wait for an opportunity to come. I just love to explore the world with my ideas. I am a very creative and fast learner. I have seen a tough time in life and learned a lot from it. There is a solution to every problem, but sometimes you just have to wait for your dream to come true.
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Muzammal Arif
Muzammal Arif

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